• Visual Studio 2015 editions and features
  • Work items, product backlog, and sprint backlog
  • Microsoft Test Manager
  • Managing and running manual tests
  • Testing from the web portal
  • Exploratory testing
  • Coded UI testing
  • Web performance testing
  • Load testing
  • Cloud-based web Load and performance testing
  • Exploring code using dependency graphs
  • Exploring code using code maps
  • Architecture and UML diagrams
  • Using layer diagrams to validate design
  • Stakeholder feedback tools and licensing
  • Visual Studio diagnostic tools
  • .NET Memory dump analysis
  • IntelliTest
  • Fakes framework (unit test isolation)
  • Code coverage
  • CodeLens
  • IntelliTrace
  • Overview of Lab Management
  • Overview of Release management

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for members of a development team that use or plan to use Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise edition. Attendees should be comfortable using a current version of Windows and be able to read and understand C# code. Experience with Visual Studio 2012/2013 Premium or Ultimate Edition is a plus.

Carga horária

16hs horas aula.