Through a combination of instructor-led training and hands-on activities you will learn how to use Visual Studio 2017 and the integrated SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) to manage the development of high-quality SQL Server databases. Specifically, attendees will be exposed to …

  • Relevant Visual Studio ALM tools
  • SSDT versions and capabilities
  • SSDT vs. SSDT-BI vs. BIDS
  • Online vs. offline database development
  • Integration with Team Foundation Server
  • Integration with Visual Studio Team Services
  • Using team projects for DB development
  • Using work items to track development
  • Product backlogs and sprint backlogs
  • SQL Server database project type
  • Importing database schema
  • Importing database scripts
  • Permissions required for development
  • Permissions required for deployment
  • Configuring and using version control
  • TFVC vs. Git version control systems
  • Detecting database schema changes
  • Reconciling database schema changes
  • Using the MSSCCI provider
  • SQL Server unit tests
  • Unit test assertions vs. conditions
  • Load testing SQL Server unit tests
  • Static code analysis
  • Database refactoring tools
  • Automating database builds
  • Automating database deployments
  • Automated deployment options
  • Automated builds
  • Build agents and topology
  • Running tests as part of the build process
  • Agile database techniques
  • Preferred development practices
  • Customizing and extending SSDT
  • Relevant third party products

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for database developers and administrators working with SQL Server 2005 and newer versions. Application developers who are involved with writing and testing T-SQL code and working with test data will also find value from this course. It would also be beneficial if the student has worked on a team-based software development project and is familiar with their organization’s development lifecycle and practices.

This course is intended for practitioners who are comfortable with the concepts of designing, developing, testing, and deploying SQL Server databases

Carga horária

16hs horas aula.